V-SUP Series 1 Race 4 Results

Race 4 (8-14 November) - 3km Distance

45 entrants this week spanning 5 regions of New Zealand.
Change again at the front of the fleet. Scott Keon and Fergus Dunlop continue their battle, with just one second between them – but Matt Anderson has sneaked past them both with a time 9 seconds faster, to take top honours this week. 

In the ladies, Ange McKee has risen to the strong challenge set by Pip Gaensicke over the preceding weeks and set the fastest time for the week, with top U14 (and top 12’6) racer Rosara Davis again very close to the front runners, in 4th overall. 

Outside of Auckland, it’s the Anderson show in Northland, with Matt A in front and Laurence A (no relation!) in second, and Shirley Dryden leading the ladies. In Otago it’s still Ron Oranje and Karyn Finlayson setting the pace.  Respect again to Karl Wannemacher and Paul Davidson for their solo respresentation of Wellington and Bay of Plenty regions respectively.   
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So folks, it’s back to 4km for this week. For those of you who’ve been with the series since the start, this is your chance to try and improve on your initial performance. Have fun planning your race…!