V-SUP Series 1 Race 7 Results

Race 7 (29 Nov - 5 December) - 3km Distance

38 entrants  this week spanning 5 regions of New Zealand. 
At the front of the fleet, Scott Keon continues his duel with Fergus Dunlop for supremacy, while both continue to dominate their respective age classes (Senior Masters and Youth). Jordan Zagonel leads the 19-39 age group, while Karl Gainsicke remains the Master to beat. In the women’s fleet it’s still Ange McKee out front, with young Rosie Davis leading the youths in 2nd overall and Pip Gainsicke in third. 
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So folks, it’s back to 4km for this week, and a chance to see if you can imrove on your times in round 2 or 5. Have fun planning your race…!