NZSUP Level 2 SUP Instructor

Level 2 consists of 2 parts

This course is for the instructor wanting to go beyond basic entry-level SUP experiences, and covers teaching progressor skills and operating in more challenging conditions on a commercial basis.   

It is a prerequisite of this course that the L1 SUP instructor training has been completed, as this is where much of the essential safety-related material is dealt with.

Part One: Online Learning

This part of the course consists of a series of about 8 hours of online learning, and you will be expected to practice aspects of the material in their own time, in preparation for the practical session. There will be a multi-choice exam as part of the final assessment covering the material in this part of the course. (Sample papers will be available for practice). You are welcome to watch the online presentations as many times as you like.

Part Two: 

Either: Practical Session

This will be around 6 hours duration, and will include classroom sessions and an exam covering the topics included in the distance modules, along with practice teaching sessions on the water, during which the participants will be required to demonstrate their teaching skills, safety awareness and a simulated emergency or two.  You will also be required to demonstrate specific paddling skills. You will be fully briefed on what is expected of you at this practical session, prior to attending. If you do not show the required competency level at this session you will be debriefed on what you need to work on, and are welcome to attend a future practical session if you want to have another go.

OR: Online Assessment

In the all-online course you will be set a number of video assignments, in which you send us videos of you performing specific instructor tasks, which we will then critique and offer our feedback and comments on. 


Other Requirements

You must have already completed L1 instructor

Paddling skills

Once registered for the course, you will be advised on the specific paddling skills required to complete the course. As some of the skills required may be new to you, guidance will be available on how to achieve them.

Fee: $200.

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The course breaks down as follows:

Distance Learning Modules

  1. Pre-recorded modules will cover the following topics, amongst others.
  2. Progressor lessons general format
  3. Developing skills in turns, stances & paddle handling skills
  4. Developing skills in basic paddle technique
  5. Considerations for operating in more challenging conditions
  6. Intermediate faults and corrections
  7. Using lesson plans
  8. Equipment for progressor instruction 

Practical Session & Assessment

(You will receive a written explanation prior to the session detailing what will be expected of you in terms of abilities and knowledge)

  1. Classroom session and discussion summarising online module material
  2. Written multi-choice test covering the essential material in the modules
  3. Intermediate lessons set-up and beach work practice and assessment
  4. Intermediate lessons on the water practice and assessment
  5. Paddling skills practice and assessment
  6. Final debrief and discussion. 


The fee for the L2 course are as follows:

$100 initial registration fee

This gets you access to all the online learning, and also the paddle skills check and feedback. (In other words, you get some free coaching on your skills as part of the package).  

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$100 practical session fee

Book and pay for this when you decide you are ready to take the practical session and assessment.  Please note that the fee is not refundable if you do not pass the assessment. You may retake the practical assessment (at $100 per time) as often as is required in order to pass. You will still have access to all the online learning material throughout this time at no extra cost.

(Please note the FAQ regarding special one-off practical sessions in urgent cases). 


Upon completing the course you will be awarded a certificate to show that you have successfully completed the training. 

Your certificate  will be dated from the day after you have completed and passing the practical assessment. 

We strongly recommend renewing your skills every 2-3 years, and there is a renewal course available which can be done completely online. 

Please see the FAQ page for much more information about the various aspects of the course.