NZ SUP National Championships

One of the primary duties of NZSUP is running the national stand up paddleboard racing championships, which it has done since 2013.  Here, in reverse order, is the history of the NZ SUP National Championships:

2022 Eves NZ SUP Race championships
A fantastic 3 days of competition! Sprints on the Wairoa River, 4k and 8km distance races in Pilot Bay and a 15km marathon for the elite paddlers, starting in Pilot Bay and going round the Mount and along the ocean front,   then a final day of technical racing, both inshore (Pilot Bay) and oceanside.  The event was run as part of the Waterborne festival, which also included SUP Ninja racing, wingfoil racing and the NZ national beach volleyball championships.

overall results

Technical results

15km Distance results

8km distance results

4km distance results

Sprints results


More highlights!


2021 NZ SUP National Championships, 12-14 March, Takapuna. 

Another event severely curtailed by Covid, but nonetheless a great competition.  Sprints on the Friday on Lake Pupuke, distance racing (2km, 4km, 8km, 16km) on the Saturday at Takapuna beach and technical racing on the Sunday, again on the beach. The event was part of the Waterbourne festival, with lots of other stuff going on too – windsurf racing, foil racing, SUP ninja and much more. 

Distance results here

Youtube vid of the sprints here

youtube vid of the technical racing here

Pix from the distance race here

NZ SUP National Distance Championship Races 31 October 2020
A truncated event due to Covid, but it happened. 8km and 16km distance races were run from Takapuna Beach, in some extremely testing conditions!

Youtube vid of the start and finish

some more good vid footage

Race results

The 2020 NZ SUP Championship series featured sprint and technical surf racing at Pauanui, and finished with the distance racing championships yesterday. While overall the series attracted several hundred competitors, just 10 hardy souls completed all three of the elite disciplines this year (to qualify for the overall series, competitors needed to complete the full technical race distance at Pauanui, and the long distance race at Takapuna.) . The overall rankings for these outstanding all-round SUP athletes is as follows: (results are sprint/technical race/distance race)
1 Fergus Dunlop (2,3,1)
2 James Reeves (6,14,4)
3=Jordan Zagonel (14,6,6)
3=Derek Teensma (7,5,14)
5 Hans (3,7,20)
6 Steve Dunlop (8,8,18)
7 Matt Johnston (11,10,15)
8 Mark Houghton (12,9,19)
1 Brianna Orams (5,1,1)
2 Marlene Jackson (3,4,2)
Well done everyone!

The 2020 Technical and Sprint Championships were run as part of the City Surf Series, and saw 72 competitors battling it out in the Coromandel surf.

A few results and pix here

More to follow when we’ve tracked them down!

Barfoot and Thompson 2019 NZ SUP Sprint and Distance Championships, Waitangi,  13-14 April 2019

The Nationals go north! A fabulous event right beside Waitangi bridge, seeing 4km, 8km and 16km distance racing on the Saturday, and sprints on the Sunday.

Load of articles and pictures here

full results here

A fantastic open-ocean surf race.  Results to follow shortly. 

The Hoe Toa event.  Distance racing and technical racing at Orewa.  

Overall mens results

Overall womens results

Men’s Technical
1. Lincoln Dews
2. Trevor Tunnington
3. Marcus Hansen
4. Ollie Houghton
Women’s Technical
1. Tara Hope
2. Penelope Strickland
3. Brianna Orams
Combined Overall Winners, Penelope and Lincoln!

All Technical Results

Junior results

Video of technical

Photos from the Technical Races

Photos from the distance races

The biggest ever NZ SUP Championships, with nearly 300 competitors!

Saturday saw the Red Paddle Co sponsored 4km and 8km races in Omaha Harbour, and then in the afternoon a Magrette sponsored 10km downwinder from Leigh in some good breezy conditions. 

8km race results

4km race results

Day one pix

More day one pix

Day two pix

Sunday was a fantastic day of technical racing on the surf beach. 

Technical Race Results

12’6 Men
1. Ollie Houghton
2. Marcus Hansen
3. Cormac McCullough

12’6 Women
1. Annabel Anderson
2. Penelope Strickland Armstrong
3. Victoria Stuart

14 Foot Open
1. Felipe dos Santos
2. Sam Thom
3. Marius Lina

Junior Male
1. Jack Evans
2. Oscar Murrell
3. Luca Menzi-Smith

Junior Female
1. Brianna Orams
2. Nadia Murrell
3. –

Masters Men
1. Gavin Houghton
2. Mike Tohill
3. Shane Murrell

Masters Women
1. Nicola Hocking
2. Kristin Percy
3. Rosie Houghton

Surfboard Men
1. Mike Ward
2. Mike Gundry
3. Phil Ash

Surfboard Women
1. Angela McKee
2. Dana Harvey
3. –

International Men
1. Titouan Puyo
2. Peter Kosinski
3. Paulo Junior

Saturday Magritte Offshore race Leigh to Tawharanui

14′ Open
1. Jeremy Stephenson
2. Trent Jones
3. Graeme Sutherland

Unlimited – sponsored by SIC
1. Oscar Murrell
2. Karl Wannemacher
3. Nic Sams

16km race results

Rayglass National SUP Festival
Distance racing and some fantastic technical racing in perfect surf conditions.  Results to follow shortly.

Check out the fabulous Sky TV show about the event here, showing loads of the action

Another great event at Orewa, with some fantastic distance and technical racing. Results to follow. 

The first ever NZ SUP championships was an incredible event! For the distance race, all the competitors boarded a boat and were taken out 15km offshore and upwind, to paddle home. Unfortunately the wind didn’t blow so it was a long hard slog, but still a very memorable day.  The technical racing was in overhead and extremely powerful surf, which nobody who took part in will forget. A great event, and fabulous to take the Championships to a completely new part of the world. 

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