V-SUP Series 1 Race 9 Results

Race 9 (13 - 19 December) - 5km Distance

30 entrants this week – all the usual suspects, well done for staying the course! 
At the front of the fleet it’s  Fergus Dunlop once again in 1st overall, 1st Aucklander and 1st U19, but this week we have a new name in the top three, with Matt Johnstone 2nd overall, 1st Master, and Scott Keon again in 3rd overall and 1st senior master. In the women’s fleet it’s Marlene Bergh in front this time, ahead of Pip Gainsicke in 2nd and Trudy Lile in 3rd
As the numbers have decreased significantly since the start of this series, and you all know who you are, we’re just doing the one results table this week. 
So folks, it’s the big finale next week (which we will allow to run till the end of the year, so 14 days in actual fact). This time it’s 6km, which will hopefully be to the liking of you longer-distance junkies. Have fun planning your race…!